Lee Ellison, Sculptor

My initiation into sculpture was through my father Jesse Raymond Ellison who worked in both clay and paper Mache. He was an excellent sculptor, mold maker, mask maker and painter. I studied fine arts at William & Mary in Williamsburg VA and concentrated in sculpture under Carl Rosenberg.

After graduation, I went on to medical school and a career as a cardiac surgeon. I continued sculpting during my medical career. When I left practice I spent three years teaching anatomy in the Caribbean at the Medical University of the Americas.

Since my return I have done some portrait and figure sculpture but have concentrated on representative sculptures in granite. I am interested in representative work focusing on the relationship of the subjects of the sculpture (parent and offspring, Cat and implied mouse). I have tried to evoke the personal connection in the subjects.

Granite is fascinating as it has multiple appearances depending on how it is finished. I always try to retain some element of the stone in its natural state. In contrast other portions of the work are finished to a high degree. I think this allows for an appreciation of the transformation of the raw granite to a piece of sculpture. I would like the viewer to appreciate not only what was inside the block of stone but have some idea of the stones original appearance.

Lee H Ellison

Ellison Sculpture
Durham CT
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